It’s an inspiration to see young children diagnosed with autism overcome their challenges and achieve success in unexpected areas. Meet Andy Morales, an eighth grader who started as the team manager for Tommie Kunst Junior High School’s boys basketball team. As the season progressed, Andy proved his skills and dedication on the court, earning valuable playing time for the Cougars. With a remarkable record of 20 wins and only two losses, the team clinched yet another league championship. In fact, in their final game against St. Louis de Montfort, Tommie Kunst dominated with a score of 71-29, ending the season on a high note.

Head coach of the team remarks

Kevin Smith, the head coach of the team, was especially proud of Andy’s hard work. He went on to acknowledge the efforts put in by all members, highlighting that all the boys actually gave their best throughout the season. Andy’s teammates were also full of praise for him, considering him as one of their own and even dubbing him as their “WEB partner”. This was in reference to the leadership class offered at Santa Maria Valley Junior High School, where the Autistic Boy had excelled in various roles.

Even when he scored his first basket on home ground, the cheers from his teammates could be heard all the way to Arroyo Grande, showcasing their unbridled joy and support for Andy’s achievements.

Recently on tuesday , the first & second halves of the basket ball game saw Andy displaying his trademark hustle whenever he took to the court, despite not being able to put any points on the board. His defensive efforts were also commendable, as he successfully challenged two three-point shots by putting his hands up in a bid to block them, both of which missed their mark.

Andy shares his love for all “big three” sports

In an interview with him, Andy shared his love for all “big three” sports, namely football, basketball, and baseball. Andy expressed that out of the three, football still remains his top pick. While he disclosed that he had never played tackle football before,  he confidently determined to join the Pioneer Valley football team next year.  Andy also revealed that he roots for the Las Vegas Raiders in football and the Los Angeles Dodgers in baseball.

However, he mentioned that he does not have a particular preference when it comes to basketball teams. His teammate, Smith, also added that Andy’s journey has been an uplifting one and that he serves as a true inspiration for all members of the team.

Nevada Autism Treatment & support

It is truly remarkable to see individuals like Andy, who have overcome challenges and conquered the sports world. His story serves as a testament that children with autism can also achieve great success in their passions. As advocates for individuals with autism, we at Nevada Autism Center are dedicated to educating and providing quality treatment for those on the spectrum. We believe that with proper support and resources, everyone has the potential to thrive in their own unique way, just like Andy has shown us.

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