If there’s any story that truly embodies the spirit of “never give up,” then that story is one of Cameron, a young man who, despite his autism, managed to overcome all odds and open his store in the Reno Town Mall. Cameron’s store can be found inside the Nevada Marketplace at Reno Town Mall, specifically occupying spot #36, aptly named “Cameron’s Collectibles.”

Cameron’s journey

This store specializes in selling rare items, both new and used, that cater to collectors’ interests. But what sets Cameron’s journey apart from most others is not just his success as a business owner but also the fact that, at two years old, the medical community considered him permanently nonverbal due to his autism diagnosis.

It was devastating news to his mother, Trina, who couldn’t imagine her son not being able to express himself through speech. However, Trina didn’t let this news define her son’s future and instead took him to a neurologist, who helped unlock Cameron’s ability to speak. 

From there on, it was a constant journey of pushing boundaries and overcoming challenges for Cameron. Today, his store stands as a testament to his resilience and determination, offering customers handpicked items that are perfect for children and adults who love collecting vintage or unique pieces. And if by any chance you don’t find what you’re looking for in the store, Cameron is more than willing to fulfill custom orders through his impeccable online shopping skills. 

Cameron’s online shop

As he puts it himself, “I can find anything online.”  For those ever in Reno Town Mall, make sure to stop by Cameron’s Collectibles and support this remarkable young man’s business.  But Cameron’s dreams don’t stop there; he aspires to become a sportscaster someday. It’s a passion that drives him, and in the coming weeks, he will have the chance to practice and hone his skills through broadcasting live and experience his dream come true, all thanks to the generous opportunity provided by KOLO 8 Sports Director Kurt Schroeder.

Cameron also uses his platform to advocate for autism awareness, oftentimes joining his parents in their advocacy work with “Rockin Autism Journey,” a blog that aims to inspire and uplift other children on the spectrum. Together, they strive to break down barriers and encourage acceptance and understanding for individuals with autism.

Autism diagnosis treatment and support services in Las Vegas

At Nevada Autism Center, we are proud to see the next generation taking on leadership roles in promoting understanding for individuals with autism. We commend Cameron’s dedication and passion and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

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