Recently, the CDC reported that one out of 36 children is affected by Autism—a drastic increase from the previous year’s statistic of one in 45. This upsurge in numbers further emphasizes the need to unite and aid those affected by this disorder. One may ponder what’s the need to support those on the spectrum. The answer is simple: you cannot fathom how difficult it feels from an individual’s perspective unless you are Autistic or even a parent, perhaps a single mom with an Autistic child.

Second, if the rate of Autism diagnoses amongst children is 0.3%, where’s the society headed regarding mental health awareness? This should be viewed as an urgent call to action: spreading knowledge and understanding of Autism, fighting for equitable access to treatment and resources, and demonstrating solidarity with those living with Autism to enable them to reach their highest potential.

Ante4autism charity

All in all, recently, there was an Ante4autism charity held at South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. For those unfamiliar with the event,  Ante4Autism is a charity poker tournament that is now more than 10 years strong and has raised money for autism-related causes. This year On July 29th, the event was a huge success, raising the grand total to over 1.3 Million dollars.

Often In the Ante4Autism tournament, a variety of exciting activities happen leading up to the big day. On the night before, participants gather for an exclusive VIP poker party where they can get to know one another and talk about their passion for autism awareness. Once everyone gets in the groove of things, the event starts with even more fun, like silent auctions, raffles, and great food. On tournament day, players take to the tables for an exciting poker battle.

straight to charities

So where the money actually goes? Well, it goes straight to charities that help with autism-related causes. In this case, 5 charities had been selected to receive the proceeds from this year’s event: Project FOCUS at the Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders at UNLV, The Hope Fund, which is a division of the International Hyperbarics Association (IHA), The Rich Center for Autism at Youngstown State University, National Autism Association of Southeast Ohio and lastly but not least Autism Speaks. Organizations like these were present to witness the night’s festivities and are thankful for all the help they received.

Nevada Autism Center

Events like Ante4Autism are instrumental for the autism community, particularly in Nevada. These rallies have been incredibly instrumental in raising understanding and showing assistance to those living with Autism in Nevada, having significant impacts on their lives. Apart from Ante4Autism, several other initiatives are dedicated to advocating for autism awareness and helping the affected individuals. Here in Las Vegas, NAC provides quality therapeutic services and resources to children on the autism spectrum.

Nevada Autism Center is dedicated to this cause and, more importantly, to providing therapeutic care inside the clinic and home-based settings. At Nevada Autism, we understand the difficulties families face with Autism. We aim to work with families so that their loved ones can reach optimal levels of functioning in all areas of life. For more information – about page Nevada Autism.

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